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Meet the Avaene Tela (in Common they are known as "Those without End"). Constantly searching for a way to gain power over their brethren, they have left the world in a state of conflict and chaos. The land is overwrought with warring factions, promoting their deities in order to gain respect in the eyes of the gods.

For more information about the characters, the setting, and the storyline, please visit our official website

Avaene Tela is a serious roleplay, and not for everyone. It is closed membership in order to ensure that only those that take it seriously may play.

Basic Rules
  • Do not manipulate anyone else's character without their express permission. We are very protective of our characters and would like to keep them our own.

  • Use original characters. This is not that important, but it helps ensure that the roleplay is creative and interesting.

  • No God-moding. God-moding is when you make your character "Godlike", and impossible to harm in any way. Despite the fact that this roleplay is about deities, it becomes very boring for other characters if you are absolutely omnipotent.

  • Correct grammar is important. That is not everyone's strength, but try to use it to the best of your ability. It makes the community easily understandable and much more interesting.

  • Please note that if one of your posts does not agree with these rules, it can and will be deleted by a moderator.

New Members

First, please agree to all the rules listed above. If you do not agree, then you do not belong in this community. If you do and are still interested in joining, please contact one of the maintainers. If we don't know you, it is required that you submit a writing sample to one of the maintainers.


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futile: Founder, Maintainer, Moderator (E-mail)
karanlikmelek: Maintainer, Moderator (E-mail)