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So it begins.

Holding tightly to the polearm in her hand, she kneeled down on the ground.. half in shame, and half in disappointment. She had hardly found what she was looking for. Indeed, she was left with more questions than answers.

"Why, Father? Why didn't you tell me?"

The girl had hardly stepped out of the Upper Planes, now she felt stranded in the mortal realm, trapped here by her own confusion. Even if she could return, she knew she couldn't let herself, not until she had banished whatever evils the world was overflowing with. At home, it was perfect. There was no pain, no suffering. No one ever died. But here...

She stared hard at her mother's grave. Her mother was somewhere underground, trapped by wood and dirt and rocks. Marisol had not seen the sun since she left her father's home. She knew no one here, save her mother. Where was she to go now? She didn't understand why she was forced to live in darkness.. why everyone was so cruel to her.

Where was she to go now? It seemed there was no way out of these tunnels... that there were no other cities than her mother's. The only thing she could do was try to find answers through her mother or her father, but none were coming to her.

(Gah. I suck. I'm so out of practice.)
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