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Yay for strange charas..

Character Profile

Name: Adon Varuna/Kraukanakat
Gender: Questionable. Physically, male.
Race: Surya/Tengu-host
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 148 lbs
Eye Colour: Amber
Hair Colour: Black and White
Class: Illusionist/musician
Alignment: True Neutral
Faction: N/A
Primary Weapon: Talons on the hands and feet; throwing daggers.
Appearance: Adon Varuna, in it's true form, has no real body or gender. It is light, and little more than that -- a spiritual entity. As it has chosen to wander the physical planes, however, it has come to require a physical body. It chose to possess the body of a Tengu, and thus would be its current appearance. Kraukanakat (the Tengu whom Adon possessed) is fairly tall for one of his species, although is rather slender despite. His bones are hollow, and the majority of his muscles are in his back and shoulders to support his wings. In -his- true form, Kraukanakat is of a humanoid build with massive wings (spanning roughly 16 feet from tip to tip). His head is that of a carrion crow, and there is a ruff of white feathers along the back of his neck, as well as smaller patches of white around either of his eyes and on the inner-side of his wings. The rest of his body is covered in black plumage, save for his forearms, hands, calves, and feet, which are scaled birdlike talons.
His specie are also capable of taking a more human form. In this form, he has slightly narrow facial features, and a hawkish nose. His eyes are almond-shaped, and ringed by dark circles -- feather patterns inversed to give the appearance of ivory flesh with black markings. His 'hair' is actually comprised of numerous shiny jet black feathers, again with a small ruff of white at the base of his neck. The wings are still present, however they are far smaller (a 4' span) and utterly useless for flight, their patterns are also inversed. His hands and feet, also, while of a more human make, bear nails more akin to a bird's talons. His height and weight hardly fluctuate, although his bone structure solidifies.
Kraukanakat's taste in clothing is near the opposite of Adon Varuna's -- liking bright reds and yellows, usually with a preference for form-fitting attire. His Surya possessor, however, prefers loose flowing attire -- usually monochromatic shades of gray and white. On near all instances, however, despite the attire, there will be numerous small daggers hidden on their person, and usually a lute slung over one shoulder.
Personality: Adon Varuna and Kraukanakat are something of a multiple -- being as they are forced to share the same body. Both personalities are somewhat conflicting, and thus it is fairly easy to tell who is 'in' at the moment.
Adon Varuna is fairly naieve. It doesn't understand the world, or anything beyond what it's creator told it. Being a Surya, a light/sun spirit, it wasn't truly required to know much about the physical world, or anything beyond it's duties. Adon, being rather curious by nature, decided it wanted to know more. And thus lead to it's fleeing to the mortal plane.
Kraukanakat, on the other hand, is slightly cynical and more than a bit sarcastic. He likes attention and he likes praise, however he views the majority of the population as being not worth his patience to deal with. He is fairly vain about his appearance, however, and will, on occassion, use his looks to get him what he wants. Before becoming bound to Adon, he had aspirations to become a well known bard.
Abilities: Both contribute to the repetoir of abilities at their disposal. Adon brings a bit of healing magic, as well as a fair number of light-related spells. Kraukanakat contributes his own vast knowledge of illusions and charms.
Background: Adon Varuna was, as mentioned above, was originally created to serve simple functions related to forwarding harmony and balance. One of many children of a distanced god, who simply serve until their light dies and new children take their place. Adon is fairly young for one of it's kind, and as with most young creatures, is inexorably curious. This curiosity had proved rather problematic to it in the past, causing it to raise questions of why it's kind do what they do, why they aren't allowed to interact with physical beings, why, why, why. Eventually, it's curiosity lead it to stray from its duties and leave for the physical planes -- seeking answers.
Enter Kraukanakat, a Tengu aged to the human equivalent of twenty, raised amidst a mixed society who for the most part looked down upon his own tricksy race. Really, rather normal for his kind -- perhaps a tad unique in coloration, as most bare strictly black feathers, while his bore the white patches of a carrion crow, and perhaps a tad sweet of voice, rather than the usual harsh croaking tones of his people (his own voice rather low toned, particularly breathy, and most definately not as grating as is the norm for Tengu); however otherwise perfectly normal. He had aspired, really, to become a musician, spending much of his young life learning to play musical instruments and to sing. He had just set out to make a name for himself, when 'disaster' struck.
Adon landed in the mortal realms, utterly confused and quite unable to interact -- invisible to the eyes of most, silent, and feeling like little more than a light warm breeze to touch. It hadn't known just what to do, particularly when a certain Tengu decided to walk into it. Through it. Some part of it latched on to the demi-human, drew to it and insinuated its way into the other's mind. It, promptly, chose to reside there, finding that it could control the Tengu's body.
Kraukanakat was frightened near out of his wits by this sudden turn, when he began to move without wanting to. Rather suddenly finding that he had taken a backseat in his own mind, and that something bright and childlike had taken the wheel.
... Needless to say, however, the two began to communicate, and have since come to a bargain -- switching back and forth between control. Krau, most definately, was not pleased with the arrangement, however it has since been determined that Adon is seemingly unable to -leave-... This has provided its own host of problems, however the two have since become adept enough at living with each other..

( Blah. Not the best, particularly in the.. Background. But. Yeah. They kinda popped in and said "Play us, play us!" .. Krau's in control more often than Adon is, by the by.. )
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