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Rauko Airo Aiocrov

Alias: Rauko Airo Aiocrov
Played by: SodaAffinity
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 200 pounds
Eye Color: Green eyes
Hair color: Brown hair with green tints
Race: Human/Symbiotic Hybrid
Class: Druid/mage
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Primary Weapon: Body/Symbiote
Faction: Independant

Backround and Bios/past: A former war priest of the Earth followers, gifted in the magi, he was critically wounded in a battle. He shed all of his armor and took refuge in a hollow tree. To his unknowing he was in a secluded tree shrine to that which resides over life and death. He prayed and with the deepest wish pleaded to the powers to let him live. His will was so strong that the shrine granted his wish. A single fruit appeared, it called and he solemnly ate it whole. The tree groaned and color flushed and so he passed from the conscious world and felt something in himself leave this world. He woke to find himself anew, stronger, and with a new awareness. Inside something was lost, with something different in it’s place. “It is the cycle of life, now walk out and continue the cycle for others my young sapling,” said the shrine tree with its last words. The tree creaked and shuddered, a blinding light came down. Through his mind entered the knowledge and visions of what he must do and was bestowed. He knew was he was, a symbiote of life and death. He knew to continue living, he must enrapture other living beings with his plant and spores. It feasted on him, but only as much as it needed. In return he’d have to consume other living things, continuing the cycle. For his life he would need the life of others. It only fed on spirit energy. He remembered that which was useful from his previous life. Ways to fight, way to get what he needed. He could see the alignment of people so it wouldn’t be wrong, and he could still tap into some of the power that he had back then. He realized he’d need a name, and even that was provided, not knowing what he was saying he spoke his own name for the first time. “I am Rauko Airo Aiocrov, an advocate of life, I live!” Which meant in elvish with the last two words spelt backwards, To continue life eternally, demon. For every blessing there is a curse. Something not everyone learns right away…

Special Attack in lj cut, I’m a guy what can I say?

Spores- To feed needs, a spine that releases spores can be protruded from the forearm, it ejects spores and is taken in orally or through a wound which infests the victim, leaving him disoriented and with a desire to eat and sleep only. After 5-10 days after incubation, the victim remains bed-ridden. In a week or two more he seems to perish. After buried or thrown aside, out from the corpse a flower stem appears marking the grave. Which promptly notify’s that the fruit is for the picking. The corpse is exhumed by the predator and tearing the chest open will find a amazingly large fruit of exotic nature. The rest of the corpse is hollow and dry, but leaves the surface as it is. This fruit can restore the health equal to who it infested needs to be eaten once a month. It provides the necessary energies for the symbiote and host. If it is consumed by someone other than a host, that person will become servant to the host of that fruit. It bestows energies and strength only mocking to that of the original host. The fruit stays well, it can be stored indefinitely as long as it isn’t damaged, or rather the lifespan of a normal person. If a remove curse spell is used it is useless. Only Paladins and very sacred beings are immune. Also those of the element of fire are too. The only cure is to before the incubation period ends, to subject the body to a intense amount of heat, equaling that to the limits of human possibility. Or feigning death, because a symbiote cannot live without it’s host.

Earth Reaper- Slashing the air in direction of the opponent, energy is fused into dirt concealed in palm which is released as the slash is commenced. Transforming the dirt into airborne iron blades, that go tearing straight into the opponent. Ranged. Can be melee if really needed. The iron blades hold form usually for five minutes, can use more energy to sustain longer, they turn back to dirt after the energy is gone. Can be manipulated into harder or softer sorts of metal. Energy blades possible, but needs earth component. Remnant Earth Power, uses moderate energy, used once a day casually, anymore than that, and hunger increases.

Thorns- Large blade-like thorns protrude from where wanted or needed. Usually from elbows and knees, Melee symbiote specialty takes time to retract. Can be armed in an instant, side note: very bad for nice clothing. Used in spinning combos or in tight quarters. Venom or poisons can be used. Thorns can protrude as claws on fingers, or as fist armament and knuckles. Limit 3 feet in length. Usually never nearly that long, unless for specific purpose. Energy used depending on amount of thorns. Two thorns size of three feet together can be casually ejected and retracted a day without harm.

Vines- Can eject vines of 12-25 feet if necessary, use beyond that up to user. Daily use, takes one full day to regenerate lost vine per arm. If desired thorns can protrude, making it more stiff. Frequency of thorns up to user, also depends on thorns size. Length of vine can be controlled, along with thickness. In proportion, quality of vine is dependant on symbiote, energy, and strength of time that they were made. Slowly retracted but usually wrapped around wrist until fully retracted.
Can be used as whip, or rope, regenerate once per month without bother.

Personal Appearance:
Usually in the appearance of a cloak, the only notice difference is that there are green tints in the hair, and the deep seated green eyes.
If you try to notice, you’ll see plants sway when he walks.
Just a cloaked stranger……
A well rounded figure if I must say so, too bad certain things add weight that you can’t see.
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