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All roads lead to here...

Riesden was, by far, not the largest city in the network, although it was still fairly large, given many others. It had been built within a high vaulted natural cavern and the spire of its largest cathedral was roughly half a mile high, near touching the ceiling. That cathedral had been built to some god or other, its name had long since been forgotten, although its images still hung upon the walls, carved into the very stone that the building was made from. Something serpentine and sinuous, feathered gold -- or so one would assume, as bits of gilt clung to the edges of carved feathers.

Despite the towering height and relative wealth of the cathedral, as one moved outward away from its spires the city itself showed fewer and fewer signs of wealth. This would lead us to where Kraukanakat sat, in a dimly lit bar located about midway between the outer edge of the city, and the cathedral. Wearing a cheap smile and singing whatever trash the patrons of the place wanted to hear -- hey, so long as he was paid afterwards, what did it matter what he sang? -- as of the moment, what the crowd had asked for was a rather bawdy drinking song, that he was half making up on the spot. The patrons hardly seemed to notice, or care for that matter. It would have been nice, however, had they asked for something a little more whimsical -- then he could have probably made double the coins, if only by cooking up some minor illusion to play along.

After the song was finished, and after a good bit of drunken cheering on the part of the bar's patrons, a few coins were tossed his way. Not enough for his liking. With a sigh, and a slight shift in his position -- sitting crosslegged now, lute cradled to his chest -- the Tengu in human-form started off into another song. Some voice in the crowd had raised to ask it.

We're going to be at this a while, right Krau..? Perhaps a month before, the sound of Adon's childlike voice questioning in his head would have made him jump. Now it simply distracted him and caused for a slightly off tune note. He couldn't respond, not without breaking the song. So he didn't.

I don't like it here, the voice continued, The people here reek. We should leave after this. Can we leave after this? I want to leave after this, Krau.. The Tengu closed his eyes, offering little more than a long-suffering mental sigh in response to the whining of his 'companion.' Today would be a long day, wouldn't it?


OOC: Eck. That.. really wasn't that great. Um. Just to show where he is, so far. 'll probably have him leave next time I post.. head in Marisol's general direction >.<;
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